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5 Beginner Tips for GPT-3

1. Summarize a text

A great use case for GPT-3 is to summarize large blobs of text. For this kind of prompt engineering i like to use the following prompt design:

Write a concise summary of the following text:

– your input text –


Also set the temperature to 0 to get the most consistent results.

This almost always gets me a short and concise summary of the most important parts from the input text.

2. Write questions from a text

Another great way to use GPT-3 is to extract questions from a block of text.

The way is usually design my prompts for this is something like:

Construct 3 important questions from the following text:

– your input text –


This would usually get you 3 very relevant questions from the text, and you can always follow up with answers these questions like:



This prompt design will force the LLM to answer you questions.

3. Analyse a text

A way I like to use GPT-3 or other LLM`s is to create a short analysis of the text. One way you could prompt this is:

Analyze the following text:

– your input text –

Analyze the text and answer the questions below:

  1. What is the word count?
  2. What is the sentiment?
  3. What is the most used word?
  4. What type of article?

Answer the questions above:


I always had success while using this kind of prompt design. 

4. Write a SoMe post from a text

If you are active on social media and you post a lot of content. Using GPT-3 or similar LLM`s to create posts is a smart way to save time. One of the simplest way to create a SoMe prompt is:

Write a Twitter post from the text with relevant hashtags

– your input text –

Write a Twitter post:

This prompt works best with a high temperature, but always remember to fact check the output. The LLM will also take the character limit into consideration.

5. Construct a Email subject line from a text

Writing email subject lines can be a real pain, so I tend to use GPT-3 nowadays when I struggle with this. Atleast to get some good ideas.  My go to prompt for this is:

Write a email subject line with max 60 characters from the following text:

– your input text –


This might take a few tries to find a good one, but I always end up with something I like.



In this article, we looked at 5 beginner tips for prompt engineering with GPT-3. These tips are designed to help you get the most out of your large language model and create better results. 

Prompt engineering is important because it allows you to design prompts that will elicit a desired response from a language model. To write good prompts, it is necessary to understand what the model “knows” about the world, and then to apply that understanding to the design of the prompt.

A good rule of thumb when designing prompts is to aim for a zero-shot response from the model.

Could this be a very sought after job in the near future? 

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