THE BEST FREE AI Tools in 2024

  • Perplexity AI Companion: The Perplexity AI Companion, available as a Chrome extension here, simplifies web searches using natural language. By typing questions directly into the extension, users can effortlessly retrieve relevant information from the web, making research and information gathering a seamless process.
  • TextFX: TextFX, found at TextFX, is a versatile tool that allows users to generate creative text effects. From changing fonts, colors, and styles to adding shadows, outlines, and reflections, TextFX empowers designers and content creators to enhance the visual appeal of their text effortlessly.
  • AI For Marketers: AI For Marketers is a resourceful platform offering a collection of AI tools tailored for marketing professionals. With a focus on enhancing marketing strategies and campaigns, this hub provides marketers with innovative tools to streamline processes, analyze data, and optimize their overall marketing efforts.
  • Leonardo.Ai: Leonardo.Ai, accessible at Leonardo.Ai, stands out as an AI image generator capable of transforming text prompts into realistic images. With a variety of models to choose from, users can explore different artistic styles, making Leonardo.Ai a valuable tool for visual storytellers and creatives.
  • Microsoft Image Creator: Microsoft Image Creator is a powerful tool that allows users to generate realistic images of everyday objects. Leveraging different models, this image creator provides a unique and engaging way to bring textual concepts to life visually.
  • Ideogram: Ideogram, accessible at Ideogram, is an image generator that excels in creating realistic images from text. With various available models, Ideogram enables users to explore different styles and bring textual ideas into visual representation with ease.
  • AI Playground: AI Playground is a versatile image generator offering a range of models to create realistic images from diverse sources. It serves as a playground for creative exploration, allowing users to experiment with different styles and generate visually captivating content.
  • Magic Eraser: Magic Eraser is an AI image editing tool designed for effortless object removal from images. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to quickly and effectively eliminate unwanted elements from their photos, enhancing overall image quality.
  • AI Image Upscaler: AI Image Upscaler provides a straightforward solution for upscaling images to higher resolutions. This tool is particularly useful for users looking to enhance image quality, whether for printing larger formats or improving overall sharpness.
  • LeiaPix: LeiaPix, accessible at LeiaPix, is an AI image editing tool that converts 2D images into captivating 3D animations. This innovative tool adds a dynamic element to static images, offering a creative way to bring visuals to life.
  • AutoDraw: AutoDraw simplifies the drawing process with AI assistance. Whether creating basic shapes or more complex illustrations, AutoDraw is a helpful tool for artists and designers looking to quickly sketch out ideas and concepts.
  • Blockade Labs: Blockade Labs introduces a unique AI tool that transforms text prompts into immersive 360° worlds. This tool opens up possibilities for creating interactive and engaging experiences, making it a fascinating choice for those interested in virtual environments.
  • Luma AI: Luma AI is an AI tool designed for image editing and enhancement. With a variety of features, Luma AI empowers users to improve the visual quality of their images effortlessly, making it a valuable asset for photographers and content creators.
  • Luma Genie: Luma Genie is another offering from Luma Labs, focusing on AI-powered image generation. This tool provides users with the ability to generate visually appealing and realistic images using advanced AI algorithms.
  • Pika: Pika is an AI tool that offers a creative platform for digital artists. With a range of features, Pika enables artists to experiment with digital art, providing tools for creating unique and visually stunning pieces.
  • Plazmapunk: Plazmapunk presents a creative space for generating digital art. With a variety of tools and features, Plazmapunk allows artists to explore and experiment with different artistic styles, fostering a platform for artistic expression.
  • is an innovative platform that leverages AI to generate audio phrases from movies and TV shows. Users can explore a vast library of phrases, making it a fun and unique tool for audio enthusiasts and content creators.
  • Adobe Speech Enhancer: Adobe Speech Enhancer is a tool designed to enhance spoken audio. Tailored for podcasters and audio content creators, this tool utilizes AI to improve speech quality, providing a valuable resource for achieving professional audio production.
  • Mubert: Mubert is an AI-powered music generator that creates unique and dynamic music tracks. With a focus on generative music, Mubert offers a platform for musicians and creators to access customizable and royalty-free music for various projects.
  • Text to Song: Text to Song is a creative tool that transforms text into musical compositions. Ideal for musicians and content creators, this tool adds a musical dimension to written content, allowing users to experiment with unique soundscapes.
  • Suno AI: Suno AI is an AI tool designed for audio content creation. With features like voice cloning and text-to-speech, Suno AI provides content creators with versatile tools for enhancing and customizing audio content.
  • Vocal Remover: Vocal Remover is a specialized tool that allows users to remove vocals from audio tracks. Whether for remixing or karaoke purposes, this tool provides an efficient solution for manipulating audio content.
  • Audiobox: Audiobox offers AI-based audio editing tools, providing users with the capability to enhance and modify audio content. With features like noise reduction and audio enhancement, Audiobox caters to the needs of audio professionals and enthusiasts.
  • Pinokio: Pinokio introduces a creative AI tool that adds a touch of magic to your digital creations. With a focus on bringing illustrations to life, Pinokio offers a unique platform for animating drawings and turning static images into dynamic, interactive experiences.


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